Residue Free Pomegranate

About the Fruit:
Pomegranates are among the healthiest fruits on the Earth. They contain a range of beneficial compounds possibly lowering the risk of various diseases. It is a fruit with a thick and unedible skin containing hundreds of edible seeds called arils. Eating this wonder fruit is beneficial for people of all ages especially kids. From curing inflammations and digestive disorders in children to eliminating intestinal worms, curing anemia, fever and dental problems, pomegranates are a solution to a number of diseases. Pomegranates contain high amount of Vitamin B which helps to maintain a strong nervous and immune system in kids. The fruit is loaded with vitamins, fibre and minerals like folate and potassium which help the brain to function properly and fight against serious diseases like cancer and diabetes. It is clinically proven that pomegranates boost memory, immunity and exercise performance not only in kids but in people of all age groups.

The best pomegranate available in India. Hand picked and in a quality assured packaging. You will probably not get better pomegranate than this anywhere else. Have a try!

About the Farmer
Name : Sachin Ramesh Deshmukh
Farm : Amravati, Maharashtra

Sachin Deshmukh is an engineer turned farmer. He worked with the corporate sector for 14 years and visited more than 15 countries during the tenure. But his passion for agricultural activities led him to pursue residue free farming which can be explained as the use of organically derived biocides and biofertilizers to protect the crops and augment their growth. His intention was not only to make the fruit export compatible but also chemical free. The fruit he is harvesting is ” Residue Free as per APEDA- EU norms.”



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